About US

I’ve always loved to travel this great country, and we live right in the middle of it–in Joplin, Missouri. Growing up, I had many adventures in a pop-up camper. We visited many places including Florida, Texas, and Colorado. Believe it or not, we even stayed in our pop-up in a “campground” (read: chain-link-fenced parking lot) so we could visit New York City. That love of traveling never left me, and now I go on adventures with my own family, minus the pop-up.

My husband, Jeff, is a respiratory therapist, and I am a high school teacher. We have two kids–one in college and an 12-year old. Though our older child prefers to stay home these days, our youngest is always excited to hop in the car in hopes that there is a hotel with a pool waiting for her at the end of the day.

Travel is something that we have to plan and save for in order to make it happen. We love to visit touristy places, but we also like to see what the locals do. I hope that by sharing some of the things I’ve learned that you can have some fabulous adventures, too!

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