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Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village–Walt Disney World

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This was our first Disney resort, and did we pick well!  Animal Kingdom Lodge-Kidani Village is a beautiful resort with lots of fun in every nook and cranny.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village Lobby

When I began researching for my first Disney trip, I learned that it was possible to rent points for a Disney villa and stay in deluxe accommodations for a great price.  We had been looking at Disney’s Moderate Resorts, and we were planning a trip with my parents.  As I continued to research, I found that we could rent points for a two-bedroom villa at Kidani for about the price of two moderate rooms at rack rate.

We decided to take the plunge and rent points.  We decided to use the DVC Rental Store since they did not charge a fee to look for availability.  We had a great experience with them, and we have used them for three trips now.  If you choose to rent points, you need to be set in your dates and commit to going.  You no longer have the flexibility to cancel the trip with a refund.  At the time, we bought trip insurance in case something comes up to prevent you from traveling.  Now, the DVC Rental Store has a cancellation protection plan you can purchase.

The other thing about renting points for Disney villas is that there is not daily mousekeeping unless you pay extra for it.  They will come on the fourth day to change out linens and take trash.  This is not an issue for us.  We sometimes take our own trash out if needed.  There are trash rooms for this purpose.  It’s worth it for us to have the deluxe resort at a great price.

Both times that we’ve stayed at Kidani, we’ve booked a standard view room.  The first time we had a view of the front parking lot.  The second time we had a view of the savannah from the side.  We were able to see wild boars and gazelles frequently.  For us, it made sense to save a little money on the resort and just view the animals from other areas of the resort.  For others, savannah view is a must.


I’ve included a trip report of our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge-Kidani Village.  This trip included my family of four and my parents.

We headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge–Kidani Village. It is an absolutely beautiful resort! We rented points to get a two-bedroom suite. We didn’t get the savannah view, but we really didn’t miss it because you can explore the resort and see the animals. As it turned out, we really didn’t use the balcony anyway because we had some days of pouring rain after this day.

Our room wasn’t ready at about 2:00, but we were checked in, so we could use the dining plan for lunch. The only downside is that we had reservations for Chef Mickey’s at 5:00. We did go ahead and eat some counter service. The only downside to Kidani, in my opinion, is the lack of counter service. We had to eat at Jambo. We knew this going in, though, so it wasn’t a huge deal. Jambo is not that far away. While we were eating, we got the text that our room was ready.

We got to our room, and we were confused at first. I didn’t think about having a “lockout” suite, but we did. We soon realized that we had two access doors to the suite. I will share some pictures of the room and resort. Parden our mess, though.

This is the living area with the sofa bed pulled out. It had its own bathroom and balcony access. The balcony was shared with the master bedroom. The kitchen area is also in this space.

This is the entry way. The washer and dryer are behind the doors my youngest is playing with. The bathroom is behind her.

Here is the headboard of the master bed. We had a king bed in our room. My parents had a queen and a sofa in their bedroom. They had their own bathroom, and we had our own. My parents also had a non-connecting balcony of their own. Our master bath had a shower and a jet tub. The toilet has its own “room.”

Here are some general resort pictures, including the pool area.

We had a great stay.  Some people are worried because it seems like it is so far out.  This just wasn’t a problem for us, especially since we had our car.  We still took afternoon breaks every afternoon.  I’d certainly stay here again, even after we have stayed at Bay Lake Tower and Beach Club Villas where we can walk to a park.  If you’re on the fence, I’d say to give it a try!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

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  • Lisa

    5 May 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I love reading people’s trip reports- especially at Animal Kingdom as it is my favorite resort. I’ve only stayed at Jambo house thus far, but have definitely considered renting points and staying at Kidani. I’m glad you pointed out that DVC Rental store does cancellation insurance now, as that has always been a big concern for me that has prevented me from renting.

    • Stacey

      6 May 2017 at 2:30 pm

      The DVC Rental Store is awesome! Yes, not being able to cancel is a concern. We have just purchased travel insurance in the past since we were determined to go unless something tragic happened or a medical emergency. Now that they provide the cancellation insurance, we may go through them.

      We walked around Jambo a few times since we often went over there to eat at the Mara quick service. We believe there is more traffic at Jambo, while Kidani is more laid back and quiet.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lorna Russell

    10 May 2017 at 2:20 am

    This looks great! We’ve always stayed on International Drive rather at the park hotels, didn’t realise they could actually be quite reasonably priced for what you get…

    Lorna (www.thedaychaser.com)


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