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I’ve had a pretty busy spring. I recently wrapped up directing my high school’s production of the musical Beauty and the Beast at the end of March. While it was an amazing experience for the kids and me, it was life-consuming. Jeff builds the set and runs sound, and this year, Kristin made her acting debut as a wolf.  It wasn’t easy trying to maintain a normal family life. Add my teaching and coaching responsibilities, and I was barely surviving. Things like blogging and other writing had to go to the backburner for a while. I’ve slowly been digging out of the enormous hole of neglected stuff and getting some rest. Throughout the production, though, my thoughts often turned to our visit last summer to Walt Disney World’s Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. Belle and Beast’s story seems to be interwoven in our lives.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest–The Restaurant

The exterior and the interior of this place is just amazing.  The outside looks like Beast’s castle is sitting atop a distant mountain in France. 

Bridge of Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

After crossing a short bridge, diners enter the restaurant through a door in the side of the mountain. 

Door of Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Once inside, you feel like you’ve stepped into the animated movie.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

Here is another look at the ceiling.  Gorgeous!

Ceiling at Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

This wasn’t our first visit; we’d done the quick-service lunch there a few years before.  Though the decor obviously doesn’t change, the atmosphere does a little. Things are a little more formal.  You are seated just like any other table-service meal in Disney.  While you wait, you may overhear the knights whispering to each other.

Knights at Be Out Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

Soon, you’ll be seated.  The table is already set, and everything just feels special.

Table setting Be Our Guest Restaurant Walt Disney World

We were seated in the main ballroom.  There are so many great details, like the snow falling outside the windows.  And occasionally, the Beast makes a grand entrance on his way to meet guests.  I was pretty excited about that part, but I had to wait until after dinner.

The Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World

Be sure to make time to explore a little.  There are two other dining areas for dinner–the Rose Gallery and the West Wing.  The Rose Gallery is the least exciting room.  Honestly, I’d be a little disappointed to be seated in there.

Rose Gallery at Be Our Guest Restaurant

The West Wing has some great touches, though it may be a little intense for younger kids.

The West Wing Be Our Guest Restaurant

Here are some close-ups.

Prince Adam Be Our Guest Restaurant

The rose effect is especially cool.

Rose in Be Our Guest Restaurant

You may even bump into an old friend!

Candles in Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest–The Food

Dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant currently offers a prix fixe menu, but we ate there about a month before the change.  To view the current menu, click here.  Since we ordered off the menu, we didn’t choose an appetizer.  We did enjoy the bread service!

Bread service at Be Our Guest Restaurant

And Jeff, who enjoys sampling beer from around the world, tried a French brew.

Beer at Be Our Guest Restaurant

We all went with the steak and Pommes Frites.

Steak at Be Our Guest Restaurant

It was pretty yummy–not the best steak I’ve had at Disney, but it was up there.

Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Finally, it was time to try the Grey Stuff.  We’d had it at lunchtime as a cupcake, and that was delightful, but now we would get to try it as a little tart-like dessert.  Of course, you can choose other desserts, but…why?

The Grey Stuff Dessert at Be Our Guest Restaurant

In case you were wondering–yes, it’s delicious!

Be Our Guest–Meeting the Beast

All too soon, dinner was over.  But wait!  Now we could meet the Beast!  This really is the only regular location to meet the Beast at Walt Disney World, so I was excited!

We had a great time!  One of the things I love about Walt Disney World is the ability to immerse yourself in so many different types of experiences.  We love trying new restaurants at the World, and we’ve rarely been disappointed.  Yes, the price is also “Disney-style,” but I love the experiences and the memories we make.  Disney dining is part of a Disney trip for us, and Be Our Guest Restaurant is certainly a great place to enjoy together.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant
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  1. I absolutly loved this post! It made me long to revisit Disney as this experience sounds fabulous, and the Grey stuff and the Pommes Frites have me intrigued. The environment and atmosphere looks like such a great adventure and love the photos! ???

    • Stacey Reply

      Thank you! It really is a wonderful place to experience.

  2. I LOVE eating at the Be Our Guest. Best quick service in Magic Kingdom. And it’s air-conditioned. Always a plus.
    How cool that you finished your own production of Beauty and the Beast (I’m a theatre nerd) and then to eat there. Full circle!

    • Stacey Reply

      We’ve loved eating there. Beauty and the Beast has certainly impacted our lives in many ways.

  3. Jacklynn Watson Reply

    You posted some great photos! I have visited DisneyWorld several times but have never had the opportunity to have this experience. I will next time though………..thanks for the great information!

  4. Disney is the best! I love how they go over and beyond to make you feel like you are reliving their stories.

  5. I had no idea this was a place! Thank you for the detailed write-up and incredible pictures. I love their attention to every small detail (the rose napkin? really?!). We will have to put it on our family trip list!

  6. This post reminded me of just how much I love Disney! I’ve been there several times but have never gone to this restaurant – a great reason to go back I think haha!

  7. We love it here. It is such a beautiful place for a meal. Disney did a fantastic job when they created this place.

  8. We live in Florida and still need to take a few days to do some Disney stuff. This looks like a really cool place to eat so I will have to add to our must visit list. Thanks for the info

  9. Ok, I have to go back to Disney World just so I can go to this restaurant. Thank you for sharing this great spot to visit.

  10. That’s super cool! I didn’t realize this was even there- it’s been a really long time since I’ve been, so we’ll have to add it to our list when we go there on a family trip! Thank you!

  11. Looks wonderful! It had just opened last time I was there so i didn’t try to get reservations there, I will when we go back though!

  12. What a great experience. Pictures are great too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. It looks wonderful, I’ll make sure to try it next time we go to Disney. I love all the little details, love Disney!

  14. Wow! I’ve always wondered what that restaurant is like. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This post and all of your pictures make me sooo jealous! I want to visit so bad! We are going to try it next summer when we are there!

  16. Ah what fun! Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite. I would love to go here!

  17. That is a beautiful restaurant! Its like stepping into another time!

  18. Oh my gosh. I had no idea this existed. I think my daughter would be so excited if we ever went there. Gray stuff can be just as good as what’s for dinner no. 4!

  19. I am a huge fan of the West Wing!! We haven’t dined there in a few years, but this certainly inspired me to make reservations again for the near future.

  20. The only time I have been to Disney World was in 2012 right before the new Fantasyland opened 🙁 I guess I need to go back! This restaurant looks so incredible!

  21. This look like so much fun! I’m going to have to schedule one of these dinners for our next trip to Disney!

  22. What a great review!
    BOG is our fave as well for Breakfast and Lunch, we haven’t had dinner yet. And yes LOVE the Grey Stuff ❤️

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