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Where do you go when you’re in Branson and you want to see some sharks and some wolves?  Branson’s Wild World, of course.  Kristin had been begging to go for awhile, so one rainy morning we decided to make a day trip to Branson to check it out.  Besides seeing the animals, you can also do some other activities like animal feeding and interaction, miniature golf, and a 6D ride theater for an additional fee.

Wild World Aquarium at Branson

We opted to go for just the regular admission of $18.95 for adults and $11.95 for kids, even though nine-hole of golf would’ve only been $2 more for each of us.  In Branson, that is a good deal for miniature golf.  Also, we were told that our ticket would include a visit out To Wild Valley Adventure park in Reeds Spring.  Since the rain was pouring on the day of our visit, we were told that we could keep our receipt and visit another day.  Score!

We entered the exhibit area.  It does seem to be stroller and wheelchair accessible, but on a busy day, like our rainy Saturday, it would hard to maneuver around all the other visitors.  The first critters we encountered were alligators and crocodiles.

It wasn’t long before we made our the large tank that houses sharks and other fish.  We had a top view of the tank first, and then we went lower for an underwater view.

We continued to see the animals, including snakes, spiders, wolves, and these manta rays.  For an extra fee, you can feed them.IMG_6151

One of my favorite exhibits was the cougar.  He was having a great time playing with his ball.

There is also a touch-tank with star fish, anemones, sharks, and other creatures. There is an interactive area where you can interact with some wild dogs for an extra fee.  We didn’t do this during this visit.

Towards the end of the exhibit, there are some more snakes, turtles, and frogs.  We also saw some parrots.

And we saw this enormous tortoise that Kristin had to pet.


Overall, it’s a fun place to visit, especially on a rainy day or a really hot day in the summer. It’s not a fancy place, but there are plenty of opportunities to see various animals.  The price is typical for attractions in the area, and there is an added value with the inclusion of Wild Valley Adventure Park, which we hope to check out soon. If you’re an animal-lover, give it a try!

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