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Skylon Tower turned out to be one of my favorite experiences in Niagara Falls. My family doesn’t usually opt for pricier dining experiences, but this exception worked out great for us. It’s all about making memories together.

Why Skylon Tower?

As we planned our first trip to Niagara Falls, we had a lot of questions. What activities should we include in our experience of the Falls? Where should we stay? Should we opt for a place with an upper-floor view?

When I learned that you could get those great views from Skylon Tower, we considered that maybe a pricey hotel room during the summer wasn’t necessary. When I discovered you could dine at the top, I was immediately excited. And one of the restaurants revolves? Let’s do this.

Though we could’ve stayed at one of the hotels with a view of Niagara Falls, we decided to stay at the Travelodge on Clifton Hill. Parking there was included for a fee, and we were able to walk to the Falls and nearby attractions without worrying about paying for parking. You can also catch the WEGO bus system for a fee to get around. We used this system to access Skylon Tower and Journey Behind the Falls afterward.

As far as deciding on whether to eat at Skylon Tower or not, we considered some factors. At the time of our trip, simply taking the elevator to the top was $15 per person. Then, no matter what we decided, we’d have to eat somewhere. Yes, you can find somewhere cheaper; in fact, we ate at McDonald’s for lunch that day. But if you dine at Skylon Tower, the observation deck is included. And if you eat a sit-down meal in the tourist area, you will probably spend a similar amount for dining if you subtract the price for the observation deck.

Then, you’ll want to decide if you want to do the Summit Suite Buffet that does not revolve or the Revolving Dining Room. Both options are a bit pricey, but both offer early dining specials. At the time of our trip, early dining at the Summit Suite Buffet was $49 with regular dinner time being $59 per person. For the Revolving Dining Room, the early dinner is prix fixe at $55 per person. Even knowing that my picky child would want chicken strips for dinner, it seemed like a reasonable option for us. After all, Jeff and I could have prime rib. You can do some add-ons at dinner, so be mindful of that, if asked. Additional things will cost more.

I would make a reservation whether doing the Summit Suite Buffet or The Revolving Dining Room during peak season, especially if you’re trying to take advantage of the early dinner offers. You can easily do this online, and we had no issues with our reservation and ascending to the restaurant prior to our reservation.

Arriving at Skylon Tower

As mentioned above, we used the WEGO bus to get to Skylon Tower. We found a stop a few blocks from our motel and used our pass to hop on. We got our passes in the lobby of a nearby hotel.  Skylon Tower parking does have a fee that fluctuates with the season.

Skylon Tower

The photo above shows about where we were dropped off. We headed inside, and it was close to the time of our reservation, so we got in line where indicated to get our ticket to the elevator. Then, you’ll get in a line for the elevator.

There are some food and shopping options on the first floor. When we were there, we saw a Starbucks. Also, on the basement level, there are some video games and more snack options. We walked through the Family Fun Center after having dinner and doing the observation deck, but we didn’t experience anything. We were mostly searching for a restroom before boarding the bus.

Skylon Tower: The Revolving Dining Room

Once you board the elevator, you’ll go to your dining option first. We were hoping for a table right at the window, but our table was a level up from those tables and completely faced the window. It turned out to be fine. We could still see well. The dining room takes an hour to make a complete rotation, so you’ll have different views as you slowly revolve.

Below is the American Falls.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls

And you can see below that we’ve moved slightly and we’re heading to a view of the Canadian Falls. I love how you can see the water beyond the falls from this vantage point; you don’t get this at ground level.

Skylon Tower

Here is the view of the touristy stuff at Clifton Hill and surrounding shopping areas.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls

While you dine, you may be serenaded by a piano player. It’s fun that the restaurant also revolves around things in the center of the restaurant, like the bar and this musician.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls, Piano Man

Skylon Tower: The Food

If you’re choosing early dining, you’ll choose your dinner from a prix fixe menu with a few options. Luckily, if you’d like to order off the children’s menu, you can. You’ll still pay the adult price if you’re an adult, but you’ll get a nice portion. This is comforting for picky eaters in your group.

Everything kicks off with this bread service.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls. Revolving Dining Room

Next, you’ll get a simple dinner salad. Both were fine.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls. Revolving Dining Room

Kristin’s chicken strips were served with fries and the sides that came with the adult entrees.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls. Revolving Dining Room

Jeff and I both got prime rib. He was able to substitute fries for his sides. I just took the dinner how it was plated.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls. Revolving Dining Room

For dessert, we all had this dessert–chocolate mousse chantilly. You can upgrade dessert, I believe, but realize you’ll probably be super full and lucky to eat much of this one.

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls. Revolving Dining Room

The Skylon Tower Observation Deck

After dinner, we made our way up to the observation deck. The views are amazing! Even if you don’t have dinner, I recommend taking the elevator up if you don’t have a Falls view at your hotel.

Below, the American Falls are on the left and the Canadian are on the right.

Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower Observation Deck

Here is another view of the Canadian Falls.

Niagara Falls from Skylon Tower

No matter how you do it, this view of Niagara Falls is breathtaking. It’s worth noting that there are fireworks every night, and if you wanted to time your dinner or viewing at the observation deck, that would also be awesome. There are also lunch seatings if that timing works better for you. Also, don’t forget, if you’re coming from the United States, the exchange rate is currently in your favor! These are all considerations as you make the choices that are best for your group.

I’m so glad we did this. Kristin said this was the fanciest meal we’d ever had, and I guess she’s not wrong.  Of course, she named another meal on this trip as the second-fanciest–the breakfast we had at bed and breakfast at the Inn and Brandywine Falls. What can I say, we don’t do a lot of fine dining unless you count some of the places we’ve done at Disney.

Also of note, the tower is a tad dated, and the building itself is not going to wow you. It was built in 1964, and the vibe definitely fits that. Still, the whole experience was worth it for us. Would we do it again? Possibly. Maybe if we had new people in our party or splurged to dine during the fireworks.

We had a great time, and the views are fantastic. It’s certainly a great memory for me.

Skylon Tower Niagara Falls Revolving Dining Room
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  1. What a great view! The food looks yummy and your right other touristy spots are expensive so why not!

  2. Niagara Falls is on our travel list of places to visit when traveling in that area. I loved the view of Niagara Falls from dinner. Wow, that is a great spot.

  3. We love visiting Niagara Falls and there are so many great spots for a high view over the falls. The Skylon Tower definitely looks like a great one for panoramic views. Agree that the choice to eat or not requires some thought. But it is nice to enjoy the view over a long dinner.

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