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Last summer as we planned a short trip to Springfield, Illinois, we decided to take Kristin to see the Gateway Arch at the Gateway Arch National Park in St. Louis. Kristin had never been to the top even though we often pass the Arch on our road trips to various destinations. It’s a right-of-passage for Missouri folk; Kristin was on her way.

Arriving at Gateway Arch National Park

Gateway Arch National Park

It’s pretty exciting when you can see the Arch as you get closer to the park. We followed the GPS and signs to get to a parking lot nearby. I would suggest getting tickets to go up inside the Arch before you arrive; they may run out of available time slots for the time you are there. We happened to get ours online the night before. We guessed about when we would arrive.

Gateway Arch National Park

We had a pleasant stroll from the parking area to the Arch. On the way, you’ll probably take a few pictures. It’s hard not to.

Gateway Arch St. Louis

Soon, we made it to the base.

Gateway Arch St. Louis

One thing to note: you may want to look around the base right away, but the entrance to get inside the facility is a little ways off. You’ll need to walk towards the Old Courthouse to find the entrance. You won’t walk all the way to the Old Courthouse, but if you head in that direction, you’ll see what to do.

The Old Courthouse is part of the national park. We haven’t made time to see it yet, but this is where Dred Scott and his wife Harriet filed their first suit to try to gain their freedom.

The Old Courthouse St. Louis

The Store at the Gateway Arch

The new museum opened in 2018, so the museum was new to all of us. When you first enter the building, you’ll need to go through a metal detector before going down into the museum itself, so be sure you don’t have anything on you that will get confiscated, like a large pocket knife. After that, you’re free to explore until it’s your time to head to the top.

We didn’t have a lot of time before our tram ride to the observation deck up top, but we did check out the gift shop.

Gateway Arch National Park

This was one of my favorite gift shops at a national park ever! I really wanted to buy everything, but I settled on a magnet. I loved that they offered personalized root beer for sale.

Gateway Arch National Park

There is also a little cafe near the store, but since we were there in the early afternoon, we weren’t there during a meal time.

Going Up to the Top of the Arch

Gateway Arch National Park

You’ll know when it’s time to get in line for your ride to the top by consulting the TV monitor above the line. We made sure to take a restroom break since there are no restrooms at the top.

Gateway Arch National Park

The line looks long, but it’s organized by your ticket time. While you’re in line, you also wait in a room with a video presentation about the arch and the history surrounding it. It’s worth noting that there is a film you can view for a fee, but we didn’t do that this time. After the video, you’ll line up on a staircase to board your pod.

Now, the pod can be daunting for some. They even have a “practice pod” so you can see how comfortable you’d be inside. You do get to sit down. It can feel a little cramped, and the ride takes four minutes. But it’s worth it! Also note: if you have fewer than five people in your party, you will probably have “roommates” if it’s busy. We did both up and down.

Gateway Arch Pod

The Observation Deck of the Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch Observation Deck

As you can see, it’s pretty narrow at the top compared to a lot of observation decks, but it didn’t feel overly crowded. People are coming and going while you’re there.

The Gateway Arch Observation Deck

The view is pretty fun. The circle below is the entrance to the museum.

Gateway Arch View of the Old Courthouse

You’ll be able to see Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play.

Busch Stadium View From the St. Louis Arch

On the opposite side, you’ll see the brown water of the Mississippi River.

Gateway Arch View of the Mississippi

You may also feel a slight sway at the top. No worries! It’s completely normal.

Gateway Arch National Park: The Museum

After we’d spent ample time at the top of the Arch, it was time to see the museum. When you’re ready, you just get in line for a return tram to the bottom. Now we had plenty of time to spend at the museum.

The museum tells the story of St. Louis as the gateway to the west, hence the name of the Arch. Since the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet in this city, St. Louis played many roles in American westward expansion and industry.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

The exhibits and interactive are well-done. You’ll learn about life in the west for American Indians and European settlers.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

And you’ll learn about traveling west.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

And how that travel changed with the railroad.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

You’ll learn about St. Louis’s riverboat history.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

And how riverboats impacted industry.

Gateway Arch National Park Museum

We enjoyed touring the museum, and Kristin loved the interactive features as she learned more about St. Louis and the West. Everyone should plan to visit The Gateway Arch National Park at least once. As we walked away, we had to take more pictures of the Arch.

Gateway Arch National Park

And one more…it’s hard to stop!

Gateway Arch National Park

The Mississippi Riverfront

After we walked back to our car, we decided to make a quick stop at the riverfront before heading on. You could opt to do a river cruise, but we didn’t this time. We have done a cruise at Hannibal, Missouri, and I think that cruising the Mississippi is a great experience.

We found this statue by the river.

The Captain's Return Statue St. Louis

Here is the description:

The Captain's Return Statue St. Louis

We had a great afternoon exploring Gateway Arch National Park. Soon, we were back on the highway towards Illinois to check into our lodging before driving on to Springfield the next day.

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Gateway Arch St. Louis



  1. I would love to visit St Louis again sometime to check out the museum and ride up to the top of the arch. I haven’t done either of those things yet!

  2. I would like to go up the Gateway Arch again, although my first trip wasn’t comfortable with me being claustrophobic. I was by myself but probably if I go with my family and talk non-stop all the way up, it will help me.

  3. We’ve never been to the top of the Arch either, although we’ve driven by countless times. What a cool perspective you get from the top – great photo ops too!

  4. I visited the Arch last spring and really enjoyed the new museum. We visited as a family years ago, so it’s definitely time to take the kids back! Fitz’s is great soda too – on our family trip we enjoyed lunch there one day.

  5. Two things came to my mind quickly was…I wonder how hot that was standing up against the arch and Oh my scaryness riding up. But I would love to try, lol

    • Stacey Reply

      Strangely, it wasn’t too hot, even in July. We happened to be there on a cooler, cloudy day. The ride up isn’t too bad. I like that you can try a pod out first.

  6. We are going to St. Louis in September and I really hope this will be open when we go. I grew up in St. Louis but haven’t been back there with my kids yet.

  7. What a great museum and National Monument to visit. I, sadly, passed by at 6:30 am one day as I was driving cross country so I didn’t stop. We definitely need to take our girls here. I love the view at the top too. FYI. Did you know if tall structures like this arch and skyscrapers didn’t sway in the wind at the top they would actually collapse from stress?

  8. I visited the Gateway Arch National Park for the first time last summer. While I arrived during the day, my ride to the top was at night so was cool to see your photos taken during daylight hours. And I loved the museum.

  9. It is good that they have a “practice pod”. I was 6 years old when I visited and I remember a very small space.

  10. Confession: I didn’t even know you could go up in the arch! I feel so dumb!! Lol. Super cool!

  11. This looks like so much fun! I’ve driven by the Gateway Arch a handful of times when driving out west, but I’ve never been able to stop and see it. I’ve always wanted to go up to the top. My husband and I are trying to visit every National Park, so I guess we will get there eventually!

  12. Lisa Manderino Reply

    I remember doing this as a kid and thinking it was pretty cool!

  13. Cindy Mailhot Reply

    My extended family is from here and I visited when I was very young and I don’t remember it. I am looking forward to seeing it as an adult.

  14. You are right! Visiting the Arch is something all Missourians must do! I’ve been to the top several times. The museum wasn’t there though on my last stop. I need to take the grandkids there and see the museum too.

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