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What do you do after stuffing yourself at Thanksgiving in Tulsa? You burn it off at Gathering Place. When we visited my brother-in-law for our Thanksgiving feast, he knew the perfect place to explore on a beautiful fall day. This is not your average city park. Located along the Arkansas River, this place ignites the imagination. It’s a fun place to explore any time of year, but the park is especially beautiful in the fall. I’d love to go back and see a concert or rent a boat sometime, especially in the spring or summer. If you’re near Tulsa, be sure to put Gathering Place on your itinerary, no matter what time of year it is.

Walk the Winding Trails

Gathering Place Tulsa

We arrived at a parking lot near the park, but it wasn’t the main parking area. We parked at a small lot south of the park. Parking and the park are free, though, so that is a plus. As soon as we entered the park, we saw this area across the water.

After winding around a bit, we came upon the ONEOK Boathouse. You can rent boats here in season.

ONEOK Boathouse Tulsa

Explore the Wonderful Playgrounds

The play areas at Gathering Place are simply amazing. These areas are collectively known as the Chapman Adventure Playground. Kids will want to spend hours here.

Gathering Place Tulsa

So many walkways to explore!

Gathering Place Tulsa

How about a pirate ship?

Gathering Place Tulsa

There are plenty of things to climb at Gathering Place.

Gathering Place Tulsa

How cool!

Gathering Place Tulsa

This water play area would be perfect for warmer days.

Water play at Gathering Place

You can also climb on animal shapes.

 Gathering Place Tulsa

You can even change your perspective. Here you can become small when the grass and animals become huge!

 Gathering Place Tulsa

There are also opportunities to imagine yourself as citizens of a town. Gathering Place takes playing “house” to a whole new level.

 Gathering Place Tulsa

Take in the Beauty of Nature

 Gathering Place Tulsa

Even if you don’t climb on a single structure, you can’t deny that just walking through the park is captivating. I’m sure the beauty changes with the seasons.

 Gathering Place Tulsa

Experience the Interactive Areas

 Gathering Place Tulsa

This area of the playground is known as the Ramble Sensory Garden. These attractions aim to involve your sense of discovery.

 Gathering Place Tulsa

It’s hard to resist interacting!

 Gathering Place Tulsa

It’s a great place for families to have fun together.

 Gathering Place TulsaHave a Treat at Williams Lodge

Williams Lodge Gathering Place

Williams Lodge has spaces inside and outside where you can have a seat and enjoy each other’s company. The indoor part even has a fireplace.

Williams Lodge Gathering Place

The weather on this day was perfect for either space.

Williams Lodge Gathering Place

Inside you can have some coffee or hand-scooped ice cream. Yum!

Williams Lodge Gathering Place

You can also purchase a water bottle or t-shirt.

Gathering Place in Tulsa is one of the most awesome playgrounds I have ever seen. The name fits perfectly, and I hope you and your family have the opportunity to gather here soon. If you’re ever in Tulsa, be sure to check it out!

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Gathering Place Tulsa
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  1. What a cool place! We visited Heritage Park in nearby Sapulpa before and thought that playground was amazing. The Gathering Place looks even more amazing! I need to take the family back to the Tulsa area!

    • Stacey Reply

      It is a cool playground! I’d never seen anything quite like it!

  2. This place looks amazing! I totally want to go after your descriptions and pictures!

  3. Lisa Manderino Reply

    I have heard of this playground! It looks incredible! Maybe we will make the drive when we go to Oklahoma again. I’m from Oklahoma.

  4. That looks like SO much fun…especially if you can enjoy it with family. I love the creative playground and, of course, any place that has ice cream is high on the “to-do” list for me.

  5. This looks like such a fun place to go to. I pinned it so when we make it out to OK we can go there. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This park looks amazing! I’d love to visit there with my family. The play areas look so interesting.

  7. The interactive activities, hiking , and getting ice cream afterwards is a great day for me!

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