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Dolls in the Andrew Low House

A Ghostly Tour: Ghosts and Gravestones–Savannah

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Since we often take trips in the summer, we try to avoid too much outdoor activity during the heat of the day.  One thing we’ve learned is that ghost tours can be a great way to see the sites while staying as cool as possible.  We are especially fans of ghost tours that use transportation. We discovered Ghosts and Gravestones on one of our St. Augustine trips, so when we saw the tours were also available in Savannah, we couldn’t wait to try one!

Ghosts and Gravestone Trolley of the Doomed

One thing you should realize about these tours is that they are not the kind of experience where you get all kinds of gadgets to test for a ghost’s presence.  These tours mostly involve traveling to different areas of the city while hearing ghost stories.  You get a great overview of the city while your host tells you about murderous jilted lovers and the like.  It’s not too scary for a school-age child.  Kristin went on her first one when she was five years old.

The tour picks you up on River Street.  It was a little confusing for us to find the pick-up spot at first, but after making a call to Ghosts and Gravestones, we were able to figure it out.  Before our tour, we ran into a gift shop and purchased some bottled water.  Just a reminder–it is hot and humid in Savannah in July, even at dusk.

Soon, our host joined us on the bus, and we were off.  We weaved our way through the streets and squares of Savannah. We passed several landmarks in the city, including the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.


One of the highlights of the tour is a stop at the Andrew Low House.  Low’s daughter-in-law, Juliette Gordon Low, founded the Girl Scouts.  You get to step off the trolley and go into the house.

Andre Low House Ghosts and Gravestone Savannah

There is also a tour guide at the property.  Our group was divided into two, and we were shown rooms that depicted the elegance and opulence of the wealthy during the mid-1800s.

We entered the home through the back door.  I love how the entire back of the house is shuttered.

Outside of Andrew Low House Savannah


We were encouraged to take many pictures throughout the tour.  We were instructed to look for anything interesting in our photos that may indicate we had a ghostly presence.  I didn’t have any anomalies, but I have some beautiful pictures of the inside of the home.


We also went upstairs.

And we saw the room with the creepy dolls.

It was soon time to board the trolley again.  We headed back to River Street for our second stop at Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery.  I won’t give away what happens here, but it is storytelling at it’s best.  Kristin was a little nervous here, but in the end, she was fine.

We finished our tour at sunset.  River Street was really beautiful at this time of day.

Savannah River Street

We really enjoyed the tour.  Again, this is not a ghost-hunting adventure, and it highly unlikely that you will capture anything unusual, although we were told that there is plenty of ghostly activity at the Andrew Low House.  Still, I think it’s a great way to see the city.  It’s cooler, and you get to see many of the notable sights that make Savannah such a charming place.  We look forward to taking another Ghosts and Gravestones tour!

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