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When traveling along Route 66, it’s fun to stop at the various roadside attractions you’ll encounter, both original to when Route 66 was in its prime and the newer stops that have resulted in renewed interest in Route 66. Henry’s Rabbit Ranch is one of those newer attractions.

Located about 50 miles south of Springfield, Illinois, in Staunton, we found the ranch to be a well-timed stop when we made our trip home from Springfield to Joplin. And it’s a lot of fun!

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Henry’s Rabbit Ranch: A Little Background

Rich Henry, the owner of Henry’s Rabbit Ranch, launched the attraction in 1999 after he came to the rescue of his daughter who needed help with her rabbits that had multiplied. Rich was glad to help, and eventually, the rabbits made their home at the ranch.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Over the years, rabbits have come and gone. You can even pay your respects in the rabbit cemetery. But it’s not only about furry rabbits here.

Henry’s Rabbit Ranch: The Indoor Stuff

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

One place you want to be sure to check out is the visitor center and gift shop inside the old filling station. We met a rabbit inside.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

And we met Rich. He is super friendly, and we had a great conversation about our Route 66 adventures.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Be sure to bring a little cash and support places like this. We had some drinks, and we were sure to grab a magnet.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Henry’s Rabbit Ranch: The Outdoor Stuff

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Outside, you’ll see the Route 66 Roadside Attraction sign bestowed to Henry’s Rabbit Ranch by the Route 66 Caravan and the Illinois Route 66 Heritage Project. Check out the Henry trucks in the background.

You can also see Rabbits of the Volkswagon variety.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

You can even see Rich’s version of the Cadillac Ranch made out of VW Rabbits.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Besides the real rabbits, Kristin’s favorite part was the giant rabbit outside, which happens to be near the rabbit memorial park.

Henry's Rabbit Ranch

Kristin has sat on two of these now–this one and the Jackalope at Wall Drug in South Dakota. She has also seen a third one at the Jackrabbit Trading Post in Joseph City, Arizona, also along Route 66; she claimed she was too old to sit on that one.

This is certainly a fun stop. I believe the word on the street since the pandemic is to call ahead if you’d like to see inside the visitor center. If you don’t venture inside, the outside stuff is still worth a stop as you stretch your legs a bit and experience the joy of exploring the Route 66 of today and yesteryear.

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Henry's Rabbit Ranch

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