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As we researched places to visit in Santa Fe, especially places for tasty treats, one place continued to pop up on my radar–Kakawa Chocolate House. When I discovered that you could taste rich chocolatey elixirs or devour a variety of truffles, I knew Kristin and I had to go and get our chocolate on. So, after an exciting morning at Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf attraction, it was lunchtime. And what could be better for lunch than all things chocolate?

About Kakawa Chocolate House

Okay, maybe we didn’t exactly have lunch there. But Kakawa Chocolate House was right along our route back to our hotel room at the Guadalupe Inn, an adorable little place (it only has 12 rooms!) that was near downtown and some pretty great places to eat. So, before we headed back to downtown and Santa Fe Plaza, we needed to satisfy our need for chocolate.

There are actually three locations in Santa Fe, and now there’s one in Salem, Massachusetts! The first location opened in 2007, and Kakawa Chocolate House has set the standard for delicious chocolate ever since. It’s fitting that Kakawa Chocolate House calls Santa Fe home; the cacao tree seeds used to make the rich chocolate we love are native to the Americas. The Mayans and Aztecs even created chocolate drinks over 3500 years ago! According to the Kakawa Chocolate House website, the creators of the chocolate house say, “We draw on chocolate’s long history, re-creating original Mesoamerican, European and Colonial chocolate elixir recipes, and using them to inspire our new and exciting creations.”


“About Kakawa Chocolate House.” Kakawa Chocolate House SF, 2023, Accessed 12 Mar. 2023.

Getting Our Chocolate On

Kakawa Choclate House

Since Jeff isn’t as much of a chocolate lover as Kristin and me, this was definitely a stop for the girls. Kristin and I made our way up to the counter to check out our options.

Kakawa Choclate House

Kristin made her drink selection quickly; she wanted to cool off with a chocolate milkshake. She went with classic chocolate.

Kakawa Choclate House

I was there for the elixirs. I hadn’t ever had a chocolate elixir.; the closest thing I’d had was hot chocolate.

Kakawa Choclate House

Luckily, when I shared this info with the barista (I guess that’s what you’d call her), she knew just what to do–grab me some samples.

Kakawa Choclate House

I’d like to say that I chose something super unusual and adventurous, but I liked the most popular flavor best–Kakawa’s American.

Kristin and I then turned our attention to the chocolate case.

Our Chocolate Treats

Kakawa Choclate House

Kristin picked a couple of chocolate truffles, while I picked a caramel and a truffle with chili. I mean, you have to while in Santa Fe. They were so good!

We ate our chocolates at a small table by a window while we waited for our drinks to be ready. Soon, Kristin’s chocolate milkshake arrived.

Kakawa Choclate House

And so did my Kakawa’s Chocolate American elixir.

Kakawa Choclate House

Everything was so delicious! I loved the entire experience, and I would go again in a heartbeat. In fact, we’re currently planning a trip that includes Salem, Massachusetts, so I hope to try the Kakawa Chocolate House there when we go. If you’re planning a stop in Santa Fe, be sure to put Kakawa Chocolate House on your list of experiences. I’m so glad we did!

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Kakawa Chocolate House
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  1. Oh what a charming, interesting (and delicious) place! I loved reading about the chocolate elixir and Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe! This sounds like my kind of spot….I’ve only been to Santa Fe once but would love to go for another visit and will have to find this place…yum!

  2. Wow! That whipped cream mug looks fabulous. Guess Kakawa Chocolate House need to be on the list!

  3. I need to get myself to Santa Fe! Chocolate elixirs and the Kakawa Chocolate House sound like my kind of experience.

  4. You had me at chocolate 😅. Kakawa chocolate house looks mouth watering!!

  5. Julie Gazdecki Reply

    Kakawa Chocolate House sounds yummy. What a unique little cafe.

  6. I’d like to experience the Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe. I’d pick the sea salt ice cream and chocolate chia elixir.

  7. Lisa, Casey, Barrett Dog Reply

    What an incredible place in Santa Fe! Kakawa Chocolate House is going on the list! Thank you for sharing this amazing place.

  8. Cindy Moore Reply

    I’d love to stop at Kakawa Chocolate House! What a fun experience. Do they have dark chocolate as well?

    • Stacey Reply

      Yes, they have all things chocolate! Many of the elixirs are made with dark chocolate.

  9. My husband and I went to Santa Fe on our honeymoon. Oh how I wish I knew the Kakawa Chocolate House existed! I would’ve loved to induldge in a chocolate elixir – they look amazing!

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