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If you’re exploring the Lincoln attractions in Springfield, Illinois, with your family, you may want to build in some experiences for the little ones where they can explore and burn off some energy. Kidzeum of Health and Science, the children’s museum in Springfield, is the perfect place for just that.

We’d like to thank Visit Springfield for sponsoring our visit!

Arriving at Kidzeum

412 Adams Street

Since Kidzeum is located downtown and we were planning to visit several locations there from morning until at least early afternoon, we picked a place that was centrally located for our plans of the day. It was a warm morning in July. We decided to make Kidzeum our first visit of the day, so we arrived at opening, hoping to avoid any crowds. As we walked to the children’s museum, we noticed that a famers’ market was in full swing. Keep that in mind for your visit; perhaps it will be open when you go!

Farmers' Market Dowtown Springfield, Illinois

Soon, we found ourselves outside of Kidzeum just a tad before they opened for business for the day.

Kidzeum Springfield, IL

I love how vibrant it is; it looks so inviting!

Kidzeum Springfield, IL

When the doors opened, we were the first ones in. This is actually my number one tip–arrive at opening to popular attractions whenever possible. Since we were the first ones there, we had the place to ourselves at first. Let the fun begin!

Exploring Kidzeum: Top Floor

When your journey begins, it’s difficult to miss this huge display of the human body.

Kidzeum Springfield, IL

The exhibits of Kidzeum are arranged on three floors, so we decided to go up to the third floor and work our way down. Though he is large and spans three stories, technically this display starts on the first floor, so we’d have to catch up with “Active Alex” later.

The third floor happened to house some temporary exhibits that we loved. We got to see a real bee hive in action!

Kidzeum Bees

Kristin is pointing at the place where the bees can come and go as they please. I never thought about a hive like this allowing for the bees to go outside the building, but it makes sense. Here is a closer look at the hive.

Kidzeum Bees

This floor also had interactive activities for kids, including dressing up as bees and other insects. We had a great time. Be sure to check the Kidzeum website to see what other temporary exhibits are available.

Exploring Kidzeum: Second Floor

After having fun with the bees and other insects, we made our way down to the Healthy Community area.

Kidzeum Healthy Community

This was Kristin’s favorite part. While kids can “ride” in an ambulance or go to the Fit Club, Kristin loved the veterinarian office the best. She loves animals!

Kidzeum Vet OfficeShe could’ve stayed in this part all day.Kidzeum Vet Office

Here is Kristin examining a dog. So cute!


We also had a great time in the meteorologist exhibit. How fun is it to pretend to deliver the weather news on TV!

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

Kidzeum even provides cue cards for the kids to read from. Don’t forget to check the monitor to see if you’re pointing in the right place!

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

There are so many possibilities to explore in the Healthy Community area. Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

Kidzeum: Ground Floor

By the time we made it to the ground floor, other visitors had arrived to Kidzeum. It was great to see all of the kids rushing around to experience the displays. This floor explores a Healthy Earth. Here you can play with the water tables and other water features.

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

Another area of the Healthy Earth allows kids to have fun with farming. I’m not going to lie; we had some fun here!

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

I love how the exhibits here allow kids to use their imaginations as they explore. You can become anything at Kidzeum!

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

Kids can experience all facets of farming in this area–from harvest to market.

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

It really is adorable.

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

Don’t forget to gather the eggs!

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

From this floor, you can also access the Healthy Body exhibit. You can actually access the body displays from all of the floors, but we wanted to do the body all at once. So we actually went back upstairs as needed to explore more of Active Alex.

Kidzeum, Springfield, IL

As you can see, the body parts are pretty interactive. Kids are encouraged to touch all kinds of displays featuring the human body. You truly can get up close and personal with these larger than life body parts!

We had a wonderful morning at Kidzeum in Springfield. It’s a great place for kids to explore, and parents will have fun exploring with their children. Give Kidzeum a shot when you visit Springfield!

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  1. This place looks like a lot of fun. I will save that for when I am in Illinois next. Thank you!

  2. I have such fond memories of the children’s museum I visited in California when I was younger. I love how interactive this one was and feel like as an adult, I would still learn a lot here.

  3. Our family loves Children’s museums. I pinned to reference later for when we make it out that way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks like a great museum! We gave a health and children’s museum near us, they are always so fun!

  5. I loved the harvest to market area. This place had great learning topics. I also like hands on learning. 🙂

  6. What a great idea for kids! I wish they had something like this here

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