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Thank you to Tenth Street Hats and Ruggable for providing samples for us to try.  As always, all reviews are honest and our own.

Bridge at Shell Knob, Missouri, Table Rock Lake

There’s something rejuvenating about taking a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and heading into the peaceful tranquility of nature.  This last trip to the lake for the summer was certainly a welcome one for me. I’d just returned to the classroom a couple of weeks before, and already I felt overwhelmed.  My perfectionism starts to kick in during this time every year, even though I know I’m far from the perfect teacher.  Most of the time I’m just treading water trying to survive it all.  See what I did there?  I hope you enjoy my water reference.

Click here to read more about camping and boating at Campbell Point on Table Rock Lake in Shell Knob, Missouri.

Camping at Campbell Point, Shell Knob, Missouri

We love to spend time at Table Rock Lake.  My parents love camping and boating at Campbell Point in Shell Knob, Missouri, and we love to meet them there for a day or two.  Since school was back on, we just went for the day this time, but it was still great to get some time on the water.

Table Rock Lake, Shell Knob, Missouri

I also wanted to share some things I’ve been loving for the lake.  We are often asked if we’d like to try some products, and we only take the projects that we think will be a good fit.

Rainbow OPTX Sunglasses

The first product I’d like to share was NOT a sample for us to try.  I’m just loving these, and not just at the lake, but also on my drive to work every day.  I bought two pairs of Rainbow OPTX Mood Boosting Sunglasses late this summer, and I love adding that little bit of color to my day.

Rainbow OPTX Mood Boosting Sunglasses at Table Rock Lake

I just love how the sunglasses brighten my commute with bursts of color.  They were fun at the lake, too!

Rainbow OPTX Mood Boosting Sunglasses

I have the violet cat eyes style and the blue translucent.  I’m not going to lie; I really want a few more pairs and styles.  You can even get heart-shaped!

Tenth Street Hats

I was also pretty excited to try out my sample from Tenth Street Hats.  I chose the Brooklyn Straw Boater-Boathouse for my hat style, but the variety they have seems endless.  You can see this hat in the featured picture or the picture above.  The hat is cute, and I liked wearing it on the boat.  If it’s windy or the boat is dashing across the lake, you may want to hold onto it, though!


This item is not just for the lake, but we decided to give this sample a go in my parents’ fifth-wheel camper.  Ruggable makes rugs that are detachable from their non-slip pads to make the rug itself easier to clean.

Ruggable Rug

We assembled the rug to its pad and placed it in the kitchen/dining area to give it a try.

Ruggable Rug with Detachable Non-slip Pad

As you can see in the picture, my parents have a really light-colored carpet in their camper, so they are always looking for great ways to protect it.  Anyone who camps regularly understands how easy it is to track in mud and dirt.  This rug is a nice solution since the top part goes right in the washing machine whenever you need to clean it; you don’t have to worry about ruining the pad.  My parents have been using it, and so far, so good!

Table Rock Lake, Shell Knob, Missouri

I am grateful for the memories we get to make on the lake.  It’s unlikely that we’ll get another chance to go on the boat until next summer, but until then, we can look forward to next year!

Table Rock Lake Campbell Point
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  1. How genius is it to make a rug machine washable? That is a great RV item for certain!! Also, love the sunglasses. I need to look into them.

  2. My family spent at week on Table Rock lake in August! We celebrated the 80th birthday of a family member. He is from Missouri so that is why our yearly family trip was down there. We stayed at a resort and enjoyed playing at the pool, playground (I have a 23 month old daughter) and taking a pontoon boat out on the lake. My husband and I left my daughter with my mom for the day and took a day trip to Kansas City to visit the Negro Baseball Museum, eat barbecue at Q39 and see a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Missouri is a pretty neat state and this was our first time there! The lake area is absolutely beautiful!

    • Stacey Reply

      How cool! You got to do Table Rock and Kansas City! I’ve lived in Missouri most of my life. I really do like it here, but maybe someday I’ll live near the ocean. I’m glad you had a great time!

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