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When I’m near Kansas City, I try to find a reason to stop at Louisburg Cider Mill.  Those apple cider slushes they serve call to me from miles away.  Throw in an apple cider donut, and I’m in heaven.  Though it’s a great stop any time of year, it’s exceptionally amazing during the fall for Ciderfest.  We’ve managed to make three visits this year during the spring, summer, and fall.  My pictures reflect those differences in the season.  Take my word for it–there simply isn’t a bad time to visit Louisburg Cider Mill.

This little cider mill outside of Kansas City on the Kansas side has the mill and a general store full of old-fashioned goodies and baking-related items.  You can enjoy your treats inside or outside.  You could even take them home, but ours seldom last that long.  Too yummy!

A Spring Stop at Louisburg Cider Mill

Louisburg Cider Mill Store near Kansas City

The first stop we made this year was in April after our visit to Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.  My husband and I took a little road trip, just the two of us.  On our way home, we couldn’t resist an apple cider slush and an apple cider donut.

As you can see, the weather was a little dreary that day, but the buds on the tree show the promise of spring.  We didn’t let the weather stop us from an apple cider slush, though.  It’s worth noting that you don’t have to get the cider in slush form.  You could have it chilled or warm.  But trust me, the slush is the way to go.

Apple Cider Slush Sign at Louisburg Cider Mill

When you order your slush, you get to stand right next to the donut display.  How will you resist them?  You probably won’t.

On this day, we took our goodies to the back of the store to sample since the weather was cool.

Apple Cider Slush and Donut at Louisburg Cider MillThe store is pretty fun to explore, too.

Louisburg Apple Cider Mill near Kansas City

We like to bring a jug of apple cider home with us.  We can find it locally, but there’s just something fun about buying it there.

Louisburg Apple Cider

You can even find some treats that are more on the unique side.  Here are some green beans for snacking.

Louisburg Apple Cider Mill Store

Don’t forget the jams and jellies.  Or maybe even better–apple butter!

Jams and Jelly at Louisburg Apple Cider Mill

The store is packed with wonderful goodies.

Louisburg Cider Mill

Louisburg Cider Mill in the Summer

On the way home from Kansas City this past July, we took Kristin for her first visit.  She’d had the donuts we brought home from past trips, but she hadn’t been there herself.  We had the perfect reason to stop!  I know.  We didn’t need a reason to stop besides the frozen cider goodness, but you know what I mean.

Louisburg Cider Mill KansasWarm weather and blue skies–what more do you need in a summer afternoon?

Louisburg Cider Mill Kansas

If you said an apple cider slush, you’re correct. Louisburg Cider Mill has plenty of seating outside, but we’ve never seen the mill busy except in the fall for Ciderfest.

Seating at Louisburg Cider Mill Kansas

Though they weren’t currently making the donuts, Kristin enjoyed seeing where the magic happens.

Making donuts at Louisburg Cider Mill

We’d also have to wait until fall to see the cider mill in action.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

The most festive time to visit Louisburg Cider Mill is in the fall during Ciderfest.  This event is typically held the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October; however, this year the October weekend was postponed to the following weekend due to heavy rainfall.  This is a busy time to visit, so if you’re looking for that peaceful tranquility of sipping cider in the countryside, this is not the ideal time to visit.  But if you’re looking to celebrate the spirit of Autumn, you’ve picked the perfect time.  Louisburg Cider Mill has so much to offer, especially for families!

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

The pumpkin patch and corn maze areas have several activities.  Admission for anyone four years old and older is $10.  You could also do the bounce pillow for an additional fee.  The other areas and parking are free.Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

Pumpkins are for sale priced according to size.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

Kristin needed a baby pumpkin to take home.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

We opted to head over to the craft booths and live music rather than do the pumpkin patch or corn maze, though they did look like fun.  We passed the pumpkin patch as we walked over to the mill and store.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

The crafts were fun and the food smelled yummy!

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

So many fun things to see!

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

The Pheasant Pluckers added the perfect musical vibe to the area.
Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

We saw that the mill was running, so we had to check it out.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

First, they wash the apples.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

Then, they go into the cider mill.

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

Next, it’s cider-making time!

Ciderfest at Louisburg Cider Mill

After we watched the process, we got in line for our apple cider slushes.  The wait is a little longer during Ciderfest, but the line is roped off, and they had four registers going, so the process went smoothly.  I may have also purchased an apple pie.  They’re hard to resist when the line goes right past them!

If you find yourself near Kansas City, Louisburg Cider Mill is certainly worth the stop.  They are mostly open seven days a week, but they do close for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  I’d check online to be sure they’re open if you happen to be there during another holiday.  I can’t wait for our next visit!

Louisburg Cider Mill
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