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We usually make at least one kid-free trip to the Lake of the Ozarks area each year. Since we’re fans of the Netflix show Ozark, we couldn’t resist pre-dinner drinks at a little bar along the strip down by the dam–Marty Byrde’s Bar and Grill. If you’ve seen the show, you know that Marty Byrde is the central character of the show played by Jason Bateman. How can you not check out this place?

Just to be clear, we’ve never felt unsafe like the show may make you believe. You also won’t find casinos on riverboats. Sure, you need to exercise regular caution as you would anywhere, but the show is fictional.

One thing I always like to do is take a drive down by Bagnell Dam to see the little strip of bars and shops, especially as the sun goes down. If you want to read more about this area, click here to read the post of our adventure to see the total eclipse in 2017.

Check Out the Strip Near Bagnall Dam

Lake of the Ozarks

When we head back towards the newer parts of Lake Ozark or Osage Beach, we usually are treated to a spectacular sunset over the lake. On this night, we decided to try some drinks at Marty Byrde’s.

Arriving at Marty Byrde’s

Marty Byrde's Ozark

The place has an indoor bar and dining area, and it also has a patio area. We arrived a little early for the outdoor patio to really get going.

Marty Byrde's Ozark

We sat on the bar side since we weren’t planning to order dinner.

The Menu at Marty Byrde’s

If you do choose to eat at Marty Byrde’s, the themed menu is really fun. Here is the front.

Menu at Marty Byrde's

The back is fun, too!

Menu at Marty Byrde's

Of course, we were interested in the drink menu.

Drink Menu at Marty Byrde's

Here is the other side.

Drink Menu at Marty Byrde's

Jeff went with a Blue Moon draft.

Blue Moon at Marty Byrde's

I chose the Sex on the Lake. It was like a Fuzzy Navel. It was yummy and pretty strong!

Sex on the Lake Marty Byrde's

We had a good time checking out the menus and reading the t-shirts for sale. And yes, we took a shirt home. This is a fun place to check out if you’re a fan of the show. As the sun went down, more people arrived, and the place started hopping. We finished our drinks and then we were ready to go to dinner. And we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Give Marty Byrde’s a try when you’re at the lake at Lake of the Ozarks!

Marty Byrde's Lake of the Ozarks
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  1. How funny. We are huge Ozark fans at my house. It is a great show. I did not realize they named an establishment after Marty, but it makes sense. It is certain to draw in the crowds.

  2. I haven’t been to the Ozarks in years. We are huge fans of the show and would love to visit Marty Byrde’s! A road trip may be on the agenda once we are able to roam freely again.

  3. It’s always fun when TV “merges” with real life! Glad you got to have a little kid-free fun!

  4. Lisa Manderino Reply

    That sounds like a fun place! It is cool to try out a famous place!

  5. It is so nice having the opportunity to get a child-free trip!

  6. So funny, I just watched the first two episodes last night! My husband is a huge fan so I promised him I’d try to catch up so we can watch the latest season together. I’ve got quite a ways to go!

  7. Too funny. We literally finished our binge of 3 seasons of the Ozarks! And now I’m reading this, lol! We’d totally visit this place if ever we’re there

  8. Tricia Snow Reply

    Wow, we are binging that show right now! We love it! I can’t wait to go see the Lakes of the Ozarks!

  9. I love visiting places that we have seen on tv or movies. Great to know it’s all safe and not like the show haha!

  10. Taci- Life Beyond Zebra Reply

    Heard of the show, haven’t seen it. I can also honestly say I have no idea where the Ozarks are, lol

  11. I’ve been obsessed with wanting to visit the Ozarks ever since the show! Adding this to my list!

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