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Why Eat at the Pirates’ House?

When I began researching what to do in Savannah, I stumbled across a great little restaurant–The Pirates’ House.  We love to try unusual dining opportunities, and we’re not alone!  One of my favorite blogs, Minivan Adventures, shares my love of trying out fun places to eat.  Anyway, as soon as I saw pictures of this place, I knew we had to try it!

Pirates' House sign outside of The Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia

Eating Lunch at the Pirates’ House

As soon as we pulled into town, we headed straight for the restaurant.  Time for lunch!

Exterior of The Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia

We decided to have lunch here since it’s not as expensive as dinner.  The prices for lunch were really reasonable; they were similar to casual chain table service places.  When we arrived, we were told we had about a 15 minute wait, so we headed upstairs to the gift shop where we saw this guy:

Skeleton pirate in the Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia

We bought a magnet, and soon our table was ready!

Guests to the Pirates’ House are seated in various rooms in the building.  This place is billed as the oldest house in Savannah.  Apparently, the place started out as an inn and tavern, but soon pirates were frequenting the establishment.  Supposedly, a tunnel connected the inn and tavern to the river where unsuspecting drunkards were carried off to their new life as crew members of a ship.  Oh, and the house is haunted.

A dining room in The Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia

After we were seated, the server brought our menus.  The children’s menu had punch-out pirate features that Jeff quickly put to good use.

Jeff the pirate at The Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia


We came here mostly for the experience, but the food was really good.  I had hand-dipped shrimp.  My plain-eating family had hand-dipped chicken strips, but I will excuse their choices this time because their plates looked absolutely wonderful!  The meal also included dessert.  Of course, I had to have some good ole Southern pecan pie. Yum!

Pirate Tour

We’d heard that a pirate would give you a tour of the restaurant if you asked, so after lunch, we tracked down our pirate.  She was happy to show us around.

Meeting a pirate in the Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia

She took her time with us and showed us everything.

I really loved coming here.  This is the perfect place for families to have a unique dining experience, and if you’re on a budget, lunchtime is a great time to visit.  If you’re heading to Savannah, make time for The Pirates’ House!

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    • Stacey Reply

      It is a dream of mine to visit Key West one day. It’s on my list!

  1. I love the name of your blog; the title drew me in while participating in the ‘Grow Your Blog’ Saturday’s thread.

    Your visit to the Pirate’s House looked like it was a ton of fun, matey! I especially enjoyed your photos and being able to have a glimpse into the past.

    Thank you for sharing; you have a new follower here. Can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

    • Stacey Reply

      Thank you, Linda! The Pirates’ House was a lot of fun. Thank you for following. You are so kind!

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