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Pops 66  Soda Ranch is just one of those cool stops that you hope to encounter on a road trip. It’s not a major destination; it’s just a fun place to fuel up, grab lunch, or stock up on soda pop.  As we headed from Joplin, Missouri, towards Tucumcari, New Mexico, we found that Pops was a great first stop on the road. If you need gas, you can fuel up here. Since we were just a few hours into our trip, we will still good to go.

Located along historic Route 66, Pops is just northeast of Oklahoma City in the small town of Arcadia. If you’re driving the mother road, you’ll definitely want to make a stop here. As you drive by, you can’t miss the large sculpture out front. At 66 feet tall, the folks at Pops say it’s the largest soda bottle in the world. I wouldn’t doubt it. Also, I love that it’s 66 feet tall in honor of Route 66.

Pops 66 Soda Ranch

Apparently, it’s lit up nicely at night. We happened by at mid-morning. Sometimes, you just end up seeing things when you happen to be there. If you could plan it, I would opt for evening.

Pops 66 Soda Ranch: The Building

Pops 66 Soda Ranch

As far as convenience stores with diners go, this one is remarkable. As you walk up to the building, you’ll see all the glass bottles on display.

Pops 66 Soda Ranch

Here is a view from the inside.

Half of the interior houses a diner. Since we happened by in the morning, and we weren’t ready for a meal, we didn’t eat during our visit.

Pops 66 Soda Ranch Diner

It looks like a fun place to eat, though!

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Pops 66 Soda Ranch: The Pop

Pops advertises that it houses 700 types of soda pop! I certainly believe it. You can create your own six-pack, so we roamed the aisles looking at all the flavors. Some were familiar, but others were completely new to us. Some flavors surprised us!

Pops 66 Soda Ranch

In the end, we narrowed our choices down to these.

Pop from Pops 66 Soda Ranch

We hauled these around in our cooler during the trip. We had one every once in a while until we were down to one. Kristin had her last soda after we’d returned home. The bottle itself is a fun novelty. What an interesting souvenir!

Pops 66 Soda Ranch

Pops 66 Soda Ranch is certainly worth a stop. If you find yourself driving along Route 66 in Oklahoma, keep your eyes open for the 66-foot tall soda pop bottle!

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Pops 66 Soda Ranch
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  1. Ahhhh! So fun! This has been on my Route 66 destination wish list for a while now. We haven’t made it there yet though.

  2. I’ve heard about this place! We’re actually planning out a bunch of different road trips over the next several years so finding unique stops along the way is essential. Pops 66 Soda Ranch is definitely on our list now, thanks!

  3. How fun is this?!? Would love to take a road trip on Route 66 and stop at Pops 66 Soda Ranch!

  4. We love roadside stops like this one! This is right up our alley, so we would definitely be stopping in if we are ever in the neighborhood!

  5. Lisa Manderino Reply

    This place is so fun! It has become our family tradition every year we visit Oklahoma. My kids love love love it! We have started collecting bottles.

  6. What a fun destination. I would enjoy seeing all the vintage soda bottles. Taste testing would be great also!

  7. I’ve heard of this fun shop but I’ve not visited yet! I don’t drink soda but it would be fun to see all the different choices.

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