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If you’re wondering where to find some of the best BBQ in Kansas City, it’s a pretty good bet that Q39 will come up in the conversation.  Kansas City is known for its own special style of barbecue, and you could spend days trying them all.  Q39 is one of the restaurants that should be part of that mission, should you choose to accept it.  Though this place is newer than some of the classic Kansas City spots, it is certainly not lacking in any way, and for many, Q39 has become a favorite.  We’ve visited Q39’s two Kansas City-area locations, and we’re ready to show you why Q39 is a Kansas City must-do.  Read on about some of Kansas City’s best BBQ.

Q39 Kansas City

Q39: The Midtown Location

For our first Q39 experience, we ate at the original restuarant known as the Midtown location.  The place is located on 39th Street, so you can see where the name comes from.

Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

This location is on the Missouri side of Kansas City, and it’s not too far from the Country Club Plaza, also known as The Plaza.

Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

Once inside, you’ll see a few of the reasons people gather here, aside from the amazing BBQ.

Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

This place has a trendy, contemporary vibe.  One thing to note–this is not the place to have a quiet conversation.  Q39 is lively!

Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

Q39: The Barbecue at Midtown

We were seated quickly, and soon our server showed us menus and explained some of the dishes.

Menu Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

I also thought it was cool that they brought out water before taking our order.  It’s summer, after all.  Not many places do that anymore.  I understand why, but it was nice to have the water.

Q39 Kansas City Missouri Midtown

Kristin decided to go with the kids’ rib plate.  She’s not crazy about BBQ sauce on her ribs, and that’s how they come here.  She gave it a try.

Kids' ribs Q39

She was definitely into the fries.

Q39 Kansas City

We also shared a side of Macaroni and Cheese–a fan favorite at Q39.  Kristin nibbled a little before the picture.

Q39 Macaroni and Cheese

I went with a pulled pork sandwich and the Q39 onion straws.  So good!

Q39 pulled pork and onion straws

Jeff had the Combo-plate, pick two.  He chose brisket and burnt ends, and he said it was the best brisket and ends he’d ever had.  In fact, if we eat barbecue in Kansas City, this is Jeff’s first choice! Q38 Best Kansas City BBQ

From the dining area, you can the kitchen.  The layout of the restaurant is open.

Kitchen in Q39

And here’s the sauce.

Q39 Sauce

We left stuffed and quite content.

Q39: The South Location

A few weeks later, we found ourselves in Overland Park, Kansas, a community in the Kansas City Metro area.  Jeff had the best idea for where we should have dinner–Q39.

Q39 South Location Overland Park

The atmosphere and menu are similar, and the barbecue is just as tasty.  Jeff had the same meal, but I tried the pulled pork with the apple coleslaw and a side of barbecue beans this time.

Q39 South Kansas City

Kristin went with her staple of life this time.  I’m glad they have this option for kids, and I’m glad to share this.  We often try to figure out if a place has chicken strips before we venture there, just in case.

Q39 South Kansas City

Q39 is one of my family’s favorites and some of the best BBQ in Kansas City.  If you’re making a trip, be sure to sample some barbecue while you’re there.  Q39 is the perfect place to do just that.

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Q39 Best Kansas City BBQ
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  1. Lisa Manderino Reply

    I love Bar B Que! It looks like it is a fun place and exciting to try out the best!

  2. Just got back from Memphis and loved their ribs. My hubby went to Medical School in Kansas City and said he loved Kansas brisket. We’ll have to try this place to compare with Memphis

    • Stacey Reply

      We like to compare barbecue from across the country! Yum!

  3. This food looks amazing! I love BBQ. I’ll have to remember this place for when we make it to Kansas City. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love me some KC BBQ…and saw that side of mac and cheese that I may have to try the next time in the area.

  5. I love bbq, always have it when I go to Texas, but need to try some in Kansas. Will keep this one in mind.

  6. We went to an amazing bbq place years ago with a friend and I can’t remember the name of it. I don’t think it was Q39 though. If I make it out there again, I’ll request to go there.
    The pics are making me hungry!!!

  7. The real question is…. how are the french fries? I’m searching for the best fries in the world and I don’t think I’ve even come close.

    • Stacey Reply

      I thought they were pretty good. Of course, I’m no fry expert. They were definitely crisp and good in Ranch!

  8. Taci- Life Beyond Zebra Reply

    Yum! Now I am hungry for bar b que. looks like my kind of place!

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