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KOA Campground in Moab, Utah. This turned out to be a great place to stay.

When you plan a trip to Arches National Park, you’ll quickly discover that there is so much to do in the area. As we planned the trip, we realized that Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Parks were nearby. We also couldn’t wait to explore Moab. As we planned the road trip, it became clear that we needed a couple of nights in the area. In the end, we spent three nights, and I still could’ve stayed longer. Since there was so much to see, we knew we needed a home base in or near Moab. The KOA Campground at Moab was the perfect place for us.

KOA Campground Moab, Utah

If you’d rather stay in a hotel or a small resort, you’ll have plenty of options. For this trip, we wanted to be outside the city enough to avoid light pollution at night so we could see the stars in a way we couldn’t at home. We also wanted to be able to cook and eat a few meals at “home.” A campground seemed like a good idea, but we don’t have a camper or a tent at the moment. When I looked into the KOA at Moab, I felt like the cabins would be a great fit for us.

The Cabins at the KOA in Moab

There are two basic types of cabins at the campground in Moab: Camping Cabins and Deluxe Cabins. The main difference is that Camping Cabins don’t have bathrooms and Deluxe Cabins do.  After that distinction, some cabins sleep more than others and some have patios. All cabins provide linens and gas grills.

Our Cabin

We were only a party of three, so we didn’t need a lot of beds. We chose the Deluxe Cabin that had a queen bed and a separate room with bunk-beds.

Deluxe Cabin at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

The layout was nice. The bunk-bed room was next to the queen bed. It had a sliding door for privacy. The bunks each had outlets for charging phones and such. The queen bed had small floating tables and these flexible reading lamps on each side.

Deluxe Cabin at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

The queen bed is in the main room that also houses the kitchenette area.

Deluxe Cabin at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

In our cabin, the shower also had a tub. I know that can be especially handy when you have little ones.

Deluxe Cabin at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

The cabin was pretty cozy and served our needs well.

During the day in July, it was pretty warm. But the evenings were perfect for grilling out and eating on the patio.

Deluxe Cabin at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

You can’t see it well in the picture, but the patio table does have an awning over it. There is also a firepit in the patio.

KOA cabin Moab, Utah

The front porch has a glider swing. Here is the view from the cabin as the sun sets.

KOA Campground Moab

The Campground at Moab KOA

If you have an RV or a tent, you’ll also have a great time at the KOA Campground in Moab, Utah. KOA Campgrounds are divided into three categories: Journey, Holiday, and Resort. The Journey KOA campground types are mostly campsites for RVs and are found along highways. They’re designed to be a place to stop for the night on your travels. The KOA in Moab is a Holiday designation. These are located in places people typically visit because of the nearby attractions. They also will have cabins. The last type, Resort, has more scheduled activities and amenities that you would associate with a resort.

Here is another view of the cabins at the KOA Moab location. The cabin at the left is the type without the bathroom. The cabins on the right are the Deluxe Cabins like the one we stayed in.

KOA Campground at Moab, Utah

This Holiday type of KOA was exactly what we needed. The RV sites looked nice, and the ones we saw looked like you could pull through.

Across from the cabins on the left were some tent sites. I’m just going to say this: the tent campers looked awfully warm in the afternoon in July.

KOA Campground at Moab, Utah

Here is another picture of the type of cabins we stayed in.

KOA Campground at Moab, Utah

Amenities at the Moab KOA

One thing we knew we needed with our lodging–a pool. The KOA at Moab boasts the largest pool in the area, and I wouldn’t doubt it.

Pool at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

As you can see, there is a main pool, and then right next to it is a pool for sitting and talking.

Pool at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

One end of the pool has an entryway with stairs.

Pool at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

I thought the water was pretty cold, but Kristin and Jeff didn’t seem to mind. There is also a hot tub. The view is so relaxing.

Pool at KOA Campground Moab, Utah

The campground has a well-stocked store, but if you need something they don’t have, you can be in town in a few minutes. We bought ice in the campground, but we bought our food for grilling at a small grocery store in town.

Near the camp store, you can play horseshoes and other lawn games. One evening, we came back to the campground, and a gas campfire feature was lit.

KOA Campground Moab, Utah

We had such a great time at the KOA Campground in Moab, Utah. If you’re heading to Arches National Park, this may be the place for you too!

KOA Campground Moab, Utah
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  1. Those cabins look so nice! I love that they have little bedside reading lights. And that view? WOW!

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