I have always been a proponent of travel, even though my own experiences are limited to travel within the United States.  Though I haven’t been abroad, I’ve had tastes of how travel can change your perspective, and essentially, change you.  I’ve stood on the summit of Pikes Peak and on the beach at St. Augustine.  I’ve walked through Chinatown in New York City and along the Gulf Coast of Biloxi.  Experience is often a rigorous teacher.  Someday I hope to visit other countries, but until then, I’ll explore when and where I can.  I’ll also escape into compelling stories that leave me thinking after I’ve closed the book.  Amsterdam Exposed by David Wienir is one of those stories. Mr. Wienir explains in the prologue that “this is the true story of an innocent exchange student who moves to Holland hoping to write a book about the red light district and…

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