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My Religious Background I’ve wrestled with questions of faith all my adult life.  I was raised a Christian, Methodist actually, and I was confirmed during my middle school years.  My baptism happened as an infant.  As far as religions go, Methodism is pretty light, at least the way I’ve seen it practiced.  I didn’t witness a lot of revivals or alter callings, no dramatic public professions of faith.  At least not in my church.  I did see those things when I visited Baptist churches.  In fact, the children’s programs I attended in those churches often contained the theology of nightmares–lots of adults asking if I was “saved” and if I didn’t know what they were talking about, I was surely bound for hell.  Don’t get me started on rapture theology.  I still can’t see a blood-red moon without thinking a trumpet will sound at any moment and Jesus will descend from…

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