Since this year we were at the World for my birthday, there was only one place I wanted to have my birthday dinner–Cinderella’s Royal Table.  I have been dreaming about it for awhile, and when it was time to make my ADRs, I was ready. The only problem was when I logged into my account on my day, there wasn’t any availability.  I knew that in the past this place was hard to get, but in recent years this seemed easier to get.  I was bummed until I read on the DISBoards that they were not opening up reservations yet for some reason.  So when they did open up, I got a reservation at a great time–6:30 p.m. Kristin decided to wear her Elsa dress, so we got her ready in the room and then headed over.  I wanted to leave in plenty of time, and we did.  We…

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