Pecan Lodge is just one of those places that people recommend for barbecue in Dallas. Because I live in Southwest Missouri, when I think of barbecue, the first city that pops into mind is Kansas City. Memphis is a close second. But one can’t ignore one of the best contenders for amazing brisket and ribs, a place known for cowboys and cattle drives–Texas. Jeff and I had never experienced Texas barbecue together, so when we took a quick road trip to Dallas, we knew what we had to do. After researching and debating several great prospects, we decided to go with Pecan Lodge. Located in Dallas’s arts district of Deep Ellum, Pecan Lodge fits in well as a fun place to eat while exploring the area. If that wasn’t enough, the barbecue at Pecan Lodge is worth the trek. It’s absolutely delicious. Deep Ellum Deep Ellum is a neighborhood located…

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