When I think of summer, I think of cook-outs, fireflies, swimming, and…family trips!  Growing up, I knew that summertime meant my family would go somewhere, often in our pop-up camper.  Now, my family continues the tradition.  As a teacher with a kid in school, our big trips happen during the summer.  We look forward to our destination for many months as we dream and plan.  A summer trip is between one and two weeks for us, so that means there is still a lot of summer left over.  Just because we are home again doesn’t mean that the wanderlust is cured.  So what to do?  For us, it’s little getaways here and there, sometimes during the week and other times for a weekend.  I’ve included very different experiences so you can find what is best for your family. Here are my favorite “getaway for a few days” places for families…

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