I’d been wanting to try Mexican food in the Epcot pavilion at Walt Disney World for a couple of trips, and I finally convinced my husband to give it a try.  Note–he let me give it a try.  He sat this one out, right across the table from me.  Jeff and Kristin are my picky travel companions, but they indulge me from time to time.  Thank you! I know that San Angel Inn Restaurante inside of Epcot’s Mexico pavilion doesn’t always get the best reviews, but I really liked it.  I would go back again anytime.  San Angel Inn is located inside the big pyramid in the Mexico area; there is another Mexican restaurant located across the way over the water–La Hacienda de San Angel.  It’s easy to confuse the two.  Just know that San Angel Inn is inside the pyramid.  You’ll see it when you explore the pavilion even…

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