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I don’t know about you, but when I go on a trip, I want to look my best.  I start thinking about all the pictures my family will take. When I had an opportunity to try out a teeth whitening product, I thought this would be perfect to get me picture-ready before I hit the road for two and a half weeks.

Here is my before picture.

Smile Brilliant Before Picture teeth whitening

Smile Brilliant is a great way to whiten your teeth. The process is simple and easy to do.  After I signed up, I received a box from the company to get my teeth-whitening process underway.  The first thing you must do is create the molds of your teeth so that they can make the trays.

Smile Brilliant Product teeth whitening

Smile Brilliant gives you everything you need to make the molds.  After you have created them, you place the molds in a pre-addressed postage-paid envelope.  When the trays come back, you are ready to whiten!

Smile Brilliant Trays teeth whitening

Each night, you have two steps to complete.  The first is to insert the whitening gel into the trays and fit them over your teeth.  The product is pre-loaded, so it’s easy to do.

After you leave the gel on for the specified time, you rinse out the trays and brush your teeth with water.  Then you repeat the process with the desensitizing gel which also aids in preventing restaining.  You may experience some sensitivity in your teeth, but I really only had issues as soon as I put the desensitizing gel on.  The sensitivity soon disappeared.

Here is my after picture.

Smile Brilliant After Picture teeth whitening

Overall, I had a great experience with the product, and my teeth are noticeably whiter. Even my husband commented on my smile!  I did have a little sensitivity as previously mentioned, and I had some places on my gums that lightened, but they returned to their normal color after a couple of days.  This is much more effective than any tubes of toothpaste I have tried, and I feel much more confident. I can’t wait to smile in my travel pictures!

Smile Brilliant Tools teeth whitening

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  1. Your teeth look great! Looks like an easy and effective process. You teeth look picture perfect!

    • Stacey Reply

      That’s a good question. So far, the results haven’t changed. I don’t know how long it will stay this way, but I am happy with the results right now!

  2. Your teeth look great! I had never even thought about how sensitive teeth can be whitened! This looks like a great solution!

  3. That’s awesome you don’t have to go through a long process. I wonder too what is the average time it lasts.

  4. I’ve tried some of the toothpastes and they don’t really seem do anything. This is a nice alternative!

  5. I see a big difference! Congrats on a beautiful smile, both before and after!

  6. My Goodness! I have been thinking of paying a hefty sum of money to have my teeth whitened at the dentist’s office. I think I will have to try this first! Looks great! 🙂

  7. wow your smile looks great. id never thought of sensitive teeth being different but its awesome this is available

    • Stacey Reply

      Thank you! I guess a lot of whitening systems can cause sensitivity. This one works to prevent it.

  8. Noticeably whiter! How long do you have to wear the trays for? It looks like an easy process to try out! Thanks for the info!

    • Stacey Reply

      I wore the trays for different amounts of time. You’re supposed to wear them, for the whitening application, anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The longer, the better. I’d do it for at least an hour, but usually closer to two. Then you’re supposed to wear the trays for the desensitizing phase for at least 15 minutes–longer if you can.

  9. Oh man! I just used another product that had my gums hurting for DAYS! Adding this to my bookmarks and might just try it out. Thanks!!

  10. I can notice a big difference in whiteness. I have use whitening products before and had some issues with sensitivity. Hope you create many great memories on your trip.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for a great teeth whitener that someone else has tried first! I didn’t want to be the guinea pig!

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