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When we started planning a trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, I knew I wanted to stay right by the ocean.  We’d never stayed anywhere with an ocean view, although when we visit St. Augustine, we are just steps from the beach without the view.  After a little bit of research, we discovered that several hotels are available at the beach, and many advertise that every room has an ocean view.  We settled on the Comfort Inn and Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

Comfort Inn and Suites Virginia Beach

The First Day at Virginia Beach

When we arrived, it was raining.  In fact, it had been raining for our last leg of the drive.  By the time we’d parked and found our room, the rain let up.  We loved our ocean view! Our suite was perfect for us; we had a separate bedroom on the opposite side from the window facing the ocean.  Then we had a bed next to the ocean view.

We dropped off our luggage and put on our beachwear.  We wanted to get some beach time in just in case it rained again.

Ocean view at Virginia Beach

The beach wasn’t busy because of the rain.  Also, we generally do our big summer road trips in early summer, so sometimes the weather hasn’t had a chance to warm up yet.  We usually view that as a plus.  Let me just say–it was not warm at the beach.

The cooler water did not detour my travel companions.

This area is a nice place to experience the beach.  Realize, though, that this is not a relaxing beach.  Fighter jets fly over constantly from Norfolk on patrol.  We’re not really the napping on the beach type anyway, so we thought it was fun.

Virginia Beach

The beach has nice walkways and bike paths.  It’s a fun place for a stroll.

Virginia Beach

Our swim was short due to more rain.

Rain at Virginia Beach

We decided to explore the area a little.  It wasn’t too bad between rain showers.

Across the street from Comfort Inn and Suites Virginia Beach

After dinner, we returned home in more rain.  This picture was taken from the parking garage at Comfort Inn and Suites.

Across the street from Comfort Inn and Suites Virginia Beach

We decided to settle into the room; we had a big day planned!

The Second Day at Virginia Beach

One thing I was hoping for was waking to a gorgeous sunrise over the sea.  I was not disappointed!

Sunrise at Virginia Beach

How fun it was to take these pictures from the comfort of my balcony.  See what I did there?  Comfort Inn?  Since we were up early, we ate our hotel’s hot breakfast, and then we explored the beach area.  We had some time to kill before we could go to Norfolk to the Nauticus Museum and The Battleship Wisconsin.  We also planned to do the Victory Rover tour to see the Navy shipyards.  To read about our experiences, click here.

Virginia Beach

While walking along, we saw some of the more common features of beach tourism, like the salt water taffy place.  Be sure to stop by the Neptune statue along the boardwalk.

Neptune Statue Virginia Beach

After driving to Norfolk and back for our Nauticus adventures, we were ready for a swim.  We were thankful the weather was clear on this day.  The water was still cooler than I like, though.

Virginia Beach

Jeff and Kristin didn’t mind the water temperature; they jumped right in.

Virginia Beach

After a nice swim and dinner, we took another walk on the boardwalk in the evening.

Virginia Beach

The beach was even more beautiful as the sun went down.

Virginia Beach

I’ll never get tired looking at a beach during all times of day.

Virginia Beach

I even took night pictures from our balcony.

Virginia Beach

After the second night, we packed up and moved on to the next adventure on the road trip.  If you’re looking for a place to get a beach fix that isn’t too expensive, you should definitely check out Virginia Beach.  It’s a nice place to add in during a trip to Colonial Williamsburg or Washington D.C.  We had a great time!

Virginia Beach
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  1. Looks amazing – I love the East coast. So much history and packed with great food.

  2. The sunrise is breathtaking! I lived in S. Carolina before but never ventured to Norfolk Virginia. Would love to visit one day.

  3. I was stationed in Norfolk for three years and we spent many a day at Virginia Beach. I haven’t been back since 1992 when we left. Looks like it might be time for a visit!

  4. Angela Greven | Mean Green Chef Reply

    VA Beach is so much fun and it looks like you all enjoyed every minute! Love the photos and so glad you all got to enjoy an oceanfront suite 🙂

  5. I lived in Virginia Beach for several years and my mom lived there for almost 30. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back so your article was a nice trip down memory lane. Thanks!

  6. I can’t wait for my beach vacations this summer! I grew up with a mom who refused to stay at the beach unless she was on the beach…that has been instilled in me =) I haven’t been to VA Beach in forever!! Your pictures look great!

    • Stacey Reply

      That’s become our thinking as well. If we can find a way, we stay on the beach.

      • Can you believe I live in VA but have never gone to VA beach?? Guess I gotta go now.

  7. Beautiful! The beach reminded me much of our visits to New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Staying right on the beach is such a great place to stay!

  8. I love Norfolk but I have never gone to that beach. Looks like one more place to add to my list. Loved the pictures.

  9. There’s so much to love about the beach. I think the boardwalk looks enchanting and I can’t visit any coast without sampling the salt water taffy.

  10. I used to be stationed at the Norfolk Naval Base from 2010-2013, so Virginia Beach was a major source of entertainment! ? That was also the first place I’ve seen an “exit left” on an interstate. I thought my GPS was trying to kill me until I realized that there was a “fast lane” over there to the city.

  11. I love Virginia Beach and Norfolk! My parents live near there, and we love visiting every Summer. What a treat to stay right on the beach! I love that boardwalk too – so fun to walk along there almost any time of year!

  12. The sunset pictures are great. I love the kids in the water, at any temperature!

  13. Isn’t waterfront the best? Love waking up early, watching the sunrise & enjoying a cup of coffee. So serene.

  14. Love this! I especially love that you get in the water even when it’s chilly! My son and I do the same! Great pics of a great place to visit!

  15. We LOVE the ocean. Only once on the East Coast, though. We watch the sunsets from this side of the country. 🙂 I’m a night owl anyways, so it works out. But I’d love to explore the East Coast beaches someday.

    • Stacey Reply

      We just got back from our first trip to the West Coast!

  16. I love being near the water. Such gorgeous sunsets you experienced. And I love that Neptune statue! I’m longing for the beach now.

  17. I love staying right on the beach too! We haven’t done it too many times, but hope to do it again sometime this summer of fall! It is just something so magical to see the sun rise/set over the water! It looked like you had a great trip! I love the picture of your daughter in the waves! Such a happy girl! Trips like this one makes everlasting memories for little ones 🙂

    • Stacey Reply

      I love that picture, too. I agree, I love making memories with my family.

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