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When we began planning our first trip to Disneyland, we were excited to learn about World of Color, the night show at Disney California Adventure.  The pictures we saw were stunning, and it looked like there were often crowds there to see the show.  When I found out that Disney offered a dessert party for this show, I was excited.  When I found out the party provided the only seating for the show, I was like, “Disney, take my money!”  And they did.  So, that’s how our party of three got a reservation for the World of Color Dessert Party.

Making a Reservation for the World of Color Dessert Party

We are not strangers to Disney dessert parties and how they can enhance your experience.  We’ve done the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando.  We loved being able to cool off with treats ahead of the fireworks show and then head over to a reserved area to view the show.  We didn’t have to sit in the viewing area to hold a good spot.  Is it absolutely necessary for having a great spot to view the fireworks?  No.  Is it nice?  Yes.  The same is true for the World of Color Dessert Party.

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To book the party, you can go online through the Disneyland website or call (714) 781-DINE.  You can reserve the party up to 60 days in advance, but sometimes Disneyland is a little slow to release the show schedule.  Keep trying if it doesn’t seem to be available that early.  You will need to pre-pay for a dessert party reservation rather than just holding it with a credit card.  I’d recommend making a reservation as soon as you know you want to do it, but I think there was same-day availability on our dessert party day.

The party is a little pricey, but what isn’t at Disney?  We save up gift cards over a year or two to be able to splurge on experiences like this, although please note–we didn’t use gift cards for this one.   You may be able to use them if you call.

Checking In to Your Party

On the night of our party, we were actually over at Disneyland until about 8:00 pm.  We then hopped over to Disney California Adventure, which is so easy!  You simply walk across a courtyard, and you don’t have to go through security again–just the ticket booths.

Even at a leisurely pace, we still arrived too early for our reservation check-in. We were about an hour before the World of Color show, and some people were in line, but it wasn’t a huge crowd.  We decided to take a quick ride on The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.  The check-in for the party is near this ride.

After the ride, it was check-in time!  The cast member working the line checked our names, gave us wristbands, and asked us if we wanted a high-top table or a regular one.  We thought a high-top might help us see better, so that’s what we went with.

World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure

I think you could see well either way, but the high-top table was fun.  In front of us were other viewing areas including the Fastpass area.  Also, I’ve read that there are areas closer to the water that have some water splash.  Our spot was perfect.

The Party!

On this evening, we also had some misting rain.  It was cool enough that Kristin and I both ordered hot chocolate before the show began.  Our pictures show the weather a little. Here is our view from my seat.

World of Color Dessert Party View

At this party, a cast member is your server.  You are allowed two alcoholic drinks if you’re 21 or older.  Jeff and I ordered the Wonderful Cooler, a blue cocktail that includes Sprite, Blue Liquor, lemonade, and Coconut Rum.  We could’ve had Champagne, but we were chilly–one cold drink was enough!  If you don’t want alcohol, you can get the Sprite or lemonade alone. They also had Coke, coffee, hot chocolate, and bottled water.

The Wonderful Cooler

Soon after we were seated, a cast member gave us a guide to the treats.

World of Color MenuThe next thing we had was the bread service.  That pretzel bread was so yummy!

Bread service at World of Color Dessert Party

Soon, we each had a plate of yummy treats, both sweet and savory.

World of Color Dessert Party Plate

So good!

World of Color Dessert Party

We didn’t finish everything, and they offered us to-go boxes for our leftovers.  I may or may not have had my cheesecake for breakfast the next morning.  When it was almost time for the show to start, our server stopped by one last time to see if we needed anything.  That’s when I asked for hot chocolate.

World of Color

World of Color Disney California Adventure

The show is amazing, of course. It’s Disney!

World of Color Disney California Adventure

The pictures really don’t do the show justice.

World of Color Disney California Adventure

World of Color Disney California Adventure

World of Color Disney California Adventure

It really is nice to just sit in the chair with the hot chocolate and watch the show.  We didn’t have to move, and my feet were glad we weren’t standing.  This isn’t something I would do all the time, but I’m so glad we did this party.  I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see this show again, so I’m glad we had a nice viewing spot and we didn’t have to stand.  I would definitely recommend this party to anyone who’d like a special experience while seeing this show; this is one of my favorite Disneyland memories!

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World of Color Dessert Party
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  1. I’ve been to California Adventure many times and never considered doing this. Thanks for the review, we will have to try it out next time 😉

  2. Wow! Those desserts looked tasty! I’ve never been to Disney California. I might just have to after this! Thanks for broadening my horizons:)

  3. I have never heard they do a dessert option. I have seen the dinner meal one and wowza is it pricey! I will need to see if they are still doing this in 2020 for our next likely trip!

  4. We love Disney’s dessert parties. We have done a couple at Disney World and will be trying another one this summer. I would love to try this one in DL.

    • Stacey Reply

      We’ve loved the ones we do. We may have to do one in Magic Kingdom or Epcot for our next trip!

  5. I love dessert and I love anything Disney (used to work in the US corporate office) so I am sold 🙂 I can imagine the experience of being there. I agree, photos or videos don’t do it justice.

  6. That looks like so much fun!! I’ve not done a dessert party or that particular Disney park….but are must-dos at some point in my life!

  7. Disney is on my list, it’s been far too long since I was there, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even recognize it. And this looks like a lot of fun!

    • Stacey Reply

      You should! It was so nice to have a seat during the show.

  8. Nothing better than a chance to get off your feet after so much fun! And the pictures are fun.

  9. Wow! I had no idea! We’ve been to Disney World, but never Disneyland, and I’ve never heard of these light shows and dessert parties! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Huh, I had no idea that this was an option! I’m definitely keeping it in mind for the next time we visit Disney!

  11. I didn’t know this was an option at all! That’s so neat. I would love some sort of ice cream or frozen yogurt as a a dessert option too. 🙂 Everything at Disney is amazing. <3

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